Method of Dictation


Dial-in dictation:
We provide state of the art dial-in dictation facility. You will be assigned toll free telephone numbers with clear one page guide for dial in dictation. You will just dial the phone #, dictate and hang up. Our team takes care of the transcription, formatting and sending the transcript back to you with in client specific TAT deadline (Turn around Time). You will be assured and assigned dedicated dial-in phone number to ensure no waiting and you can call in as per your convenience any time and from anywhere.

Digital Recorders:
Reports are dictated on a digital recorder, which can be downloaded to a local computer that is connected to the internet. The files are then transferred over the internet to our secure server. We support all digital recorders for your transcription.

Personal Computer:
We can provide you with the software necessary free of cost to do dictate directly into your computer. The transferring is then completed the same as above.

FTP (File transfer Protocol):
File transfer protocol creates a connection between your computer and our server and transfers the files to us and back. We will provide you with the software and any training necessary for this.
Browser based service help you to upload the dictation and retrieve back the transcript from our secured web server.