Medical Transcription

Kprocess is a Business Process Service Company providing Medical Transcription services and Billing to various clients in North America and Europe.
Our mission is to make back-office operations like medical transcription easier to manage and more efficient; reducing costs while maintaining high quality, security and HIPAA compliance. Since 2008, Kprocess has successfully diversified in the field of IT Enabled Services with initial focus on medical transcription providing multiple advantages to our clients. A few advantages that differentiate us are Assurance, Cost Advantage, Turnaround Time Advantage and Safety and Security of Data.


  • approach : Customer focus
  • Quality: Established reputation of quality
  • Security and safety of data
  • Minimal operation costs: Save every penny
  • Learning organization : Every employee continuously learns and contribute to growth
  • Speed and flexibility in getting the job done.

Why us

  • Consistent High Quality
    99 % accuracy on consistent basis.
  • Exceptional Service
    Knowledgeable & responsive staff
  • HIPPA Compliance
    Total HIPPA compliance.
  • Free Trial
    See for yourself where we stand on our quality and cost commitment.
  • Our Team
    Highly experienced resources
    Stress on trainings and skills upgrades
  • High Availability
    Our toll free service is available 24/7
    Customized Service Level Agreements with your firm.


  • Kprocess Medical Business provides full practice management. Our objective is to be the best full practice service provider at a reasonable cost.
  • Our service include: Reviewing of claims/Entering of Claims, Transmission of Claims (Paper and Electronic), Generation of Transmittal/Rejection Reports, Checking of E.O.B’s, Posting of Electronic Remittance Advice, Generation of Accounts Receivable Statements, Weekly and/or Monthly Activity Summaries, Generation of Aging Reports (30-60-90 Days).
  • We process claims electronically, follow up on all unpaid claims, Maintain Accurate and Up To Date Accounts Receivable Once. Claims are aggressively monitored to ensure the accurate and timely processing. Denied or improperly processed claims are resubmitted for proper payment. Insurance Follow up and Appeals done via telephone (or letter if necessary) on all claims that have gone unpaid beyond 30 days. Detailed Reports are provided detailing billing transactions on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule.


  • Physically secured work area and network center
  • ICSA certified firewall used to protect internal network
  • Enterprise-wide multiple virus protection system
  • 128-bit SSL and data encryption for FTP file transfer
  • Access to our network is limited by auto-logoff, ID/password protection and password protected screensavers
  • Controlled media usage/movement through inventory logs and physical audit
  • Restriction and screening of emails.
  • Disaster prevention and recovery is ensured.